Kumash P. Shah

An Entrepreneur, Researcher, Business Consultant, Foodie and Travel Enthusiast

Mr. Kumash graduated from Gujarat Technological University with B.E. in Computer Engineering.

Born in middle class family, Mr. Kumash had passion for technology since long. He created his first website when he was in 8th standard from then popular website webs.com for INR 4900 as premium subscription for hosting and personalized domain. His first website provides services like searching music, Downladable category wise HD photos and some links to download free softwares for various use.

Later he created an algorithm where by clicking on a music subdomain, Music will autoplay based on your device timing. For example is you visit that URL at 6 AM, you will hear bhajans and artis pre-listed in playlist with cross fading between songs. This was in 2008 exact 2 years before the music streaming giant established gaana.com and then more players like saavn.com founded.

After graduation Mr. Kumash has started a company named Techicom by renting office along with Mr. Dhruvit Pancholi in Vadodara. With the increasing experience in digital world and technology, he has invented some algorithms and procedures which you can find in achievement section of this website. Then he grab series-A funding for company Profism Technology which he started in 2016 with Mr. Nikhil Suthar, a dear close friend to him. Investment and new opportunity brings new business and personal friends into Profism Technology Mr. Siddhant Vekariya & Mr. Milan Savaliya.

Today he owns 3 firms in different sectors providing healthy competition and useful solutions to the userbase of 35,000+.


Goal: Mr. Kumash aims to provide employment to 1 million people worldwide with best possible innovation and work culture.

Hobby: He loves to cook and often the chef in him serves premium delicacies to family & friends. In addition he loves to play chess, Watch suspense movies & reading books.